A unique approach

The Betterise platform is assuredly the most advanced platform for the creation and management of digital support and prevention services for chronic diseases.

Create your services

You choose the features and the content: we deliver turnkey web and mobile services, or we can provide you with our APIs.

Get to the essentials

We ensure the security of your data, compliance with legislation, and provide an optimal technical architecture. Save time. A lot of time.

Make your data smart

Our technology transforms heterogeneous data into usable information: identify recurring models and prevent risks upstream.

Who are your clients ?

The rigor of our scientific approach and the power of our technology enable us to enrich the digital health strategies of our various international partners.

Healthcare institutions

In addition to treatment, healthcare institutions offer their patients services that enable them to be more independent with regard to their illness and to receive better monitoring from their care-givers.

Pharmaceutical companies

In addition to chemical therapies, our platform makes it possible to offer effective and customized white-label digital therapies.

Supplemental health insurance

Our platform makes it possible to provide the members, employees, and clients of major companies with rigorous and engaging preventive health services.

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Find out how our platform can help you implement your digital health solutions.

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Multi-language, Multi-cultural

Our content and services are currently available and adapted into 14 languages. We are continuously adding new languages and cultures.

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