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Chronic diseases are the world's leading cause of death, ahead of all other causes combined. What these non-transmissible diseases have in common is that they are mostly the result of our lifestyles: according to the World Health Organization, if we managed to change our habits, nearly 40% of all cancers, 75% of cardiovascular disease, and 75% of all type 2 diabetes could be prevented. Nearly 10 million lives could be saved every year.

Thanks to research, we have the necessary scientific knowledge to remedy that. Through the latest technologies, we can create effective tools to enable everyone to better understand, and therefore better manage, their health.

We founded Betterise Health Tech with a precise vision: to enable the major players responsible for the health of the world's population to offer innovative and truly effective services to help them live better.

We've created something unique to facilitate the implementation of such services for those players: a platform that's both technical and scientific, making it possible to create highly qualitative digital services.

Yes, it is part of the role of today's supplemental insurers to offer digital services to help their members take care of their health. Yes, it is part of the mission of healthcare institutions to continue to provide therapeutic support to their patients once they return home. Yes, it is part of the social responsibility mission of major companies to offer both their clients and employees solutions for better living.

Of course, it's not easy: these services require a synergy of distinct skills, sometimes from very different, even opposing, sectors. That is why our platform is designed to be a toolbox for all these players, to enable them to quickly launch outstanding services with high added value for their members, patients, clients, and employees.

Our mission? Helping the citizens of the world to live better. And we are just getting started.


This vision is piloted by a multidisciplinary team with different backgrounds and profiles.



Christophe BRUN

Managing Director

Michel CYMES

Surgeon, in charge of the scientific approach

Franck CYMES



Products manager


Content manager

& Alexandre. Still with us.

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Our Product teams take care of themselves in Biarritz, on the Basque Coast, the California of Europe.


Our Sales teams enjoy the delights of the Parisian lifestyle.


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