Our features

We offer what has to be the largest number of digital health features ever brought together on a single platform. Select the ones you need to create your service: all of our modules have been certified by our teams and are ready to use.


Customized advice

Reliable information, adapted to the user's profile, behavior, and context.


Clear, educational articles for better understanding and improved behavior.


Organize the user's progress based on topical goals.


In order to motivate the user to make those little changes that will make a big impact on their health.


To have fun while learning about simple health concepts.


Inspiring quotes about health.


Help your users gain a better understanding of the service.


A digital coach capable of creating a genuine relationship with the user.

Digital coaching

Video programs

Dozens of HD video programs. 
We can even film your own programs for you.

Audio programs

What could be better than a sophrology session to help users get to sleep ?

Text programs

To reach a specific goal. All validated by top experts.

Calendar management

Help users manage their programs: everything is configurable.

Nutritional tracking

Meal tracking

Intuitive, engaging interfaces for easier tracking.

Product scanning

The user scans a product, discovers its nutritional values and whether it is good for them.

Food database

Access to the ANSES CIQUAL database, categorized and enhanced.


Thousands of seasonal, easy-to-make recipes that are adapted to the family's profile.

Nutritional alerting

Taking into account context, pathology, and allergies.

Balanced diet

Personalized analyses to guide the user towards good dietary balance.

Dietary profile

Define the rules of dietary profile management according to the pathology.


Data entry

Fast and intuitive, for better day-to-day user monitoring.


Define what data must be entered when starting up.


Simple screens for a better perspective on the user's data and behavior.


Automatic correlation of data: essential for understanding.


Reminder of minimums, maximums, and extremes for long-term monitoring.


Define which topics can be tracked by your users.

Patient monitoring

Remote monitoring

Specific features for each pathology (blood sugar, blood pressure).

Physician's dashboard

Monitor your patients via interfaces combining all of your cohorts.

Smart alerting

Define the alert thresholds for the constants of your choice for precise monitoring.

Customized ETP

Easily define the therapeutic workflow for each patient.


Treatment monitoring

Help patients to better monitor their treatment and improve remote monitoring.

Compliance analysis

Therapeutic compliance analysis to gain better understanding of the patient.

Medication sheets

Help your patients better understand their medication.

Smart reminders

To be configured for the improved compliance of each patient.


Mobile push notifications

Defining push strategies to engage the user.


The ability to send millions of personalized emails each day.

Connected objects

over 80 connected objects

Our platform is connected to the main connected objects on the market via its own gateway.

Medical devices

Direct Bluetooth (BLE) connection with medical devices.

M7 chips

Collection of data from smartphones, Apple Health, and Google.

Conflict management

Smart cohabitation of objects thanks to metadata management.



Organize challenges among users and reward the winners.

Points system

Each action can earn points (or not) for better user engagement.


Define user statuses, manage their progress within your service.


A badge system can be implemented to motivate users.

Reward management

Use our interface to reward users for their behavior or for their use of the service. Reference partners, define your rules, and motivate users.


Public message service

Enable user discussion via supervised forums.

Private messaging

Enable your users to send messages to each other or within groups.

Moderating tools

Benefit from a full suite of tools to manage, moderate, and lead your communities.


Each user can (if you wish) manage their public profile on the network.



Adapt the support offered to users according to their local weather conditions.


Alert the user of pollution and automatically adapt their service.


Content management system (CMS)

A complete tool for administering the service and adding personalized content.

Alert management

Powerful interfaces for alert management. Can be connected to your CRM.

User management

Manage of rights, clickpaths, data feedback (white label).

Company management

Manage your client companies separately by giving them specific rights.

Reward management

Reference partners, manage their rewards, and create offers.

Gamification management

Define your own points policy and closely manage gamification.



Use our corpus to immediately set up responsive services (in French).

Containers mechanism

Use our containers mechanism to make each conversation different.

Machine learning

Teach the machine to recognize new expression.

Matching / Probabilities

Define the minimum matching score to improve the relevance of your exchanges.

Corporate Wellness

Organizing challenges

Internal challenges to motivate your employees and create a dynamic environment.

Inter-employee events

Let your employees organize their own events.

Sounding out the company

Track your employees' mind-set each week.

HR news

Distribute your messages through kind, personalized services.


Receive employee feedback about any type of question.

Wellness at work

Dig into our content database to improve the quality of your employees' working life.


SSO (SAML, Oauth, VPN)

We interconnect with your IT system: users use their login/password.

2FA (two-factor authentication)

Use the two-factor authentication of your choice: device, passphrase, code, password.


Use facial or digital recognition to authenticate your users.

Context verification

Login and data locked in case of context mismatch.

GDPR compliant

All procedures are reviewed by our specialist DPO.



User feedback, incident management – we can do it for you.

Profile management

Manage the health profile of each of your users.


We can manage your users' payments for you.


Enable your users to invite their family members.

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