Our platform

Use an advanced platform that is ready to be deployed in your environment and build your digital health strategy with confidence. Our platform demonstrates perfect synergy between two areas of expertise: technical know-how and scientific knowledge.

When technology becomes science.

Our technology makes it possible to transform the complexity of each patient and their environment into data that can be used by a digitized therapeutic process.

To do this, we have created our own language, BQL (Betterise Query Language), and a unique management tool, making it possible to create custom pathways that automatically take into account the particularities of each patient.

When science enriches technology.

We are not just a technical platform: we also provide scientific content that has been designed under the supervision of recognized physicians, covering over 17 health topics using a holistic approach.

In addition, our management tool allows you to easily integrate your own content.

State-of-the-art technology. Certified.

The constituent components of our platform were totally redesigned and redeveloped in 2018 on even more powerful, more secure new frameworks. This ensures that, before spring 2019, we will be totally in line with the highest medical device-related standards (ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 62304, IEC 62366-1, and ISO 15223-1 in particular).

Administration tools

Our SAAS platform is fully controlled by an incredibly powerful admin tool. Manage your clickpaths, your content, and your users.
You can even integrate these admin features into your services.

Pre-packaged products

Depending on your requirements, your schedule, and your desires, you have the choice of creating your own service, or starting with one of our services that is already developed and ready to deploy immediately as a white label version.


Wellness Service (Primary Prevention) for iOS, Android, and Web.

Moi, Bientôt Maman

A reference application for pregnancy monitoring, for iOS and Android.

Betterise Diabète

Type 2 Diabetes Monitoring and Management, for iOS and Android.

Betterise Cardio

Post-infarction and arterial disease monitoring, patient monitoring and alerting. 
For iOS, Android and Web.

Smart Alfred

Our smart bot, for conversational communication with our platform.

Betterise HealthBook

Our Health Record offer, for highly secure vault storage of health data.

Access to our APIs

This is where our platform approach takes on its full meaning: our features and content can also be integrated into any existing service/ecosystem thanks to our APIs. Better still: our platform is also entirely open to any integration of third-party APIs. Practical for integrating the features of your partners into our/your services.

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