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Are you thinking of implementing digital health services? We have an operational platform and the expertise to enable you to quickly set up your own service, completely adapted to your needs and to those of your users.


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Our methods are well established: you select the features and content and we will deliver turnkey websites and effective and secure mobile apps that fully integrate into your ecosystem and which are compatible with current regulatory requirements. Or you may choose just a few bricks from our platform to enhance your existing service.

Questions / Answers

We are rather pragmatic and direct. We are driven by just one thing: to enable you to launch a service that is truly useful for the health of your patients, members, and clients. To save time, here are a few answers to questions we often receive.

Why not (re)develop it all ourselves in-house ?

This is where our role as consultant begins: because it's not your profession! We have devoted 3 years, with all the agility of a small innovative structure, to create a complete platform and to understand the ins and outs of the technical architecture, algorithmics, the development of robust applications, the creation of scientific content, the UX, security, design, compliance with legislation, setting up effective administrative tools, and hosting. All this so that you can concentrate on your core business, not on computer code.

Your expertise remains your expertise, your clients are your clients, and your service is your service. We simply provide the assurance that your digital health strategy will be viable within a few months and not remain stuck in the throes of in-house development or at the mercy of a rather costly IT service company. We have already developed everything necessary and it will be transparent for your users: you save time.

Do I need a consulting firm ?

No. But if you are a consulting firm, please don't be upset and call us. Because if your mission consists of finding the best partner for your client, we just might be the partner you are looking for.

Do you do Artificial Intelligence ?

No. Let's take a couple minutes to look at the sham schemes available on the market and more specifically on the digital health market. True Artificial Intelligence does not yet exist. And the most powerful services on the market, backed by companies that spend billions of dollars each year developing AI, are no more than very good calculators capable of recognizing cat photos without making an error. Would you trust them with your health? Let's be serious.

Our algorithms are powerful but deterministic: they can deduce nothing by themselves but they will render the same result for a given profile every time, having been configured upstream by a physician. That's awfully reassuring for everyone.

How much time will it take ?

Generally, from the first contact until the release of the end service to users, it takes between 4 and 6 months. Yes, that's quick, and it's perfect for the progress of your strategy. Of course, if you choose to deploy a pre-existing service, it takes just a few weeks.

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